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LOGIS S.A. was established in France in 1991 by a group of dedicated professionals in the sphere of logistics and transport.

The core business of LOGIS — and since 2007 LOGIS Group — is providing logistics and procurement services to international majors in O&G, Energy, and Trading sectors.

Subsidiaries in Europe, Ukraine, Poland, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates, China as well as an extended network of partners and agents in many large ports, transport hubs, and logistic centers across the CIS, EU, US, Latin America, China, India, etc.

LOGIS Group is a full fledged-member of the following industry associations: 

  • «International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations» (FIATA)

  • «Transport et Logistique de France» (TLF)

  • «Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association» (SC and RA)

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